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5 Tips For Choosing Bedroom Colors

5 Tips For Choosing Bedroom Colors


How to create a calming bedroom

If you are a morning person who likes to jump out of bed and attack the day, then you are probably more suited to having a clean, light color on the walls, such as Pavilion Blue. Evening people will more likely embrace the dark, womb-like shades of London Stone or Charleston Gray.

Bedrooms looking over a canopy of trees often suit being painted in soothing greens like French Gray or the slightly fresher Vert de Terre to create a harmonious link with the environment, and similarly gentle Skylight feels like the natural choice for bedrooms on top floors with vast expanses of sky. If you have an urban outlook, Elephant's Breath with its warm undertones can add warmth and intimacy to a bedroom while remaining understated.


Farrow & Ball bedroom paint colour

Light is one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing colors for a bedroom. The amount of natural light and the direction that the room faces will have an enormous impact on a color’s appearance. The same color can look different from room to room, at different times of the day and even in different seasons. This is what makes the colour so exciting and alive. 

In south facing rooms, silvery Light Blue always feels peaceful while warmer Pale Powder has an unparalleled softness. In north facing spaces, blushing Setting Plaster is timeless and undemanding while Orange Coloured White will create a warm glow in even the darkest of areas. 

Charming Teresa's Green is great choice for east facing rooms where it will look warm in the evening, but fresh in the morning. West facing rooms can feel a little underwhelming and cool in the morning so Joa’ White or Oxford Stone are excellent options to create an inviting atmosphere and make the most of the warmer light later in the day.


Farrow & Ball bedroom paint colour

To bring an extra element and lift your bedroom, you can use an accent color or wallpaper, but preferably on the wall behind the bed so it is not distracting while you are lying down, rather it will ground the room and feel nurturing. 

To retain a peaceful feel use two tones of the same color with the darker on the feature wall such as the classic pairings of dusty pinks Peignoir and Sulking Room Pink, soft blue greys Cromarty and Pigeon or soft Dimity and Dead Salmon. If using a wallpaper on a feature wall, it is a good idea to use the color of either the pattern or the background on the other walls to create a seamless calm look.



Farrow & Ball bedroom paint colour

For those who like their lives calm and serene, the understated combination of Skimming Stone on the walls and Strong White on the trim and ceilings never fails. If, however you want to make your bedroom feel as big and light as possible while still maintaining a tranquil atmosphere use a slightly stronger tone like Bone on the woodwork with quiet Slipper Satin on the walls and ceiling.


Farrow & Ball bedroom paint colour

Bedroom ceilings garner more attention than those elsewhere, because we spend a lot of time looking at them. For the ultimate in calm, use the same color on the ceiling as the walls, thus increasing the perceived room height. This may sound alarming, but the result is a wonderfully cocoon-like space. 

The architecture of a room tucked into the eaves, demands that the sloping walls are kept as light as possible, and so as not to to draw the eye to where the walls end and the ceiling begins definitely stick with one color on both elements. Diversely, if you want a bedroom to feel more snug-like and you have a picture rail, then carry the ceiling color down to the rail, reducing the ceiling height and creating a more intimate atmosphere.